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About a week or so after that, I got the call that I actually had booked it. You played Seth. I thought it was quite well-done, and I found it interesting. Well, Bitten was where I had my heart set. And I can understand what you were thinking because you were singing with an actual country singer, Deana Carter. Greyston Holt (born September 30, 1985) is a Canadian actor. Please know that comment moderation is in effect on this site. And you never quite knew what was going to happen next. And then when the plane was going down…I remember that I saw it first, and then I told my daughter she had to see the ending. But it got down to the wire, and there was a point where Cedar Cove needed the answer from me as to whether I was going to continue with the series. RH: Nice to speak with you today, Greyston. The residents of the small town of Cedar Cove. She’s done it for awhile, and she knows what she’s doing. Greyston Holt, a Candian actor is best known for playing Clayton Danvers in the fantasy-horror series Bitten (2014- 16). Additionally, I would invite everyone to check out all of Greyston’s links below and consider following him where applicable. There was a lot of great talent on that show. Cedar Cove is an American-Canadian drama television series on the Hallmark Channel that aired for three seasons from July 20, 2013, to September 26, 2015. I knew it could go one of two ways. Copyright 2020 | Pinpoint by Swift Ideas | Powered by WordPress. Oh yeah, she played my mom. My mom happened to be chatting with one of her co-workers, and one of them said, “My sister is an acting agent in Vancouver. He is an actor and producer, known for, Thanks to Hallmark's Christmas Schedule, We're Officially Starting the Holidays in October, Chesapeake Shores: Season Four Viewer Votes, 3rd Annual An Evening with Canada's Stars, Women in Horror Month: Massive Blood Drive, TIFF: STAND UP to CANCER Red Carpet Event. … Background Greyston Holt was born September 30th 1985 in Calgary, Alberta. I had to turn it down, kind of on faith, with a “Sorry, we’re having to wait on this other project.” And at that point, we didn’t know if I was going to get Bitten. You really had to pay attention. But then on the other side of that, he wanted to try to do the right thing. Maybe eventually I’ll put something out there to share, but for now, it’s just a personal passion of mine. It was on the CW. I learned a lot on that show and gained a lot of experience. He … You probably have other things that are coming up or that are currently airing. Anything you can mention? And with my character, he was stuck between the world and his family. I was nervous as heck, but Laura and I had an instant chemistry. I’m a music person, and I was watching you, and it was clear you knew what you were doing. And watching her watch the show…she was so into it. {pause} Interestingly enough, my daughter and I got to watch you this past summer in Somewhere Between. That was the first time that I got to work on a project outside of Vancouver where they flew me to another set to work on the show. I will say that I think you made the right decision. So I didn’t give it as much attention back then as I did later on in my career. My dad still lives over there, and we like to play a little music together sometimes. The actor, now based in Vancouver, will appear in the … I can sing well enough, but for this movie, this character is supposed to be this worldwide country star. You were in an Up Christmas movie last year. {laughs}. Yes, I’ve played the guitar for years. And in Greyston’s case, that is precisely true. And I think people have probably seen you in things without realizing it was you. So right now, you can catch A Very Country Christmas, since it reairs at least twice this week, maybe more. Occasionally I share stuff on my Instagram, like what I’ve been working on, just for fun. And in his case, I don’t think he seems to mind that fact. When people say they want to work, we give them a chance through Open Hiring® — no resumes, no background … If you are in the U.S., you can watch it on Up, and if you are in Canada, you should be able to watch it on the Super Channel. And his family was not the best people. So I went out there, and there were two other guys up for the role at that point who had been flown in from LA. Thankfully, he has the acting chops to accomplish these multifaceted roles, but he also has the stamina, drive, and groundedness to persevere in a career that is demanding and arduous at times. How did you get involved with this movie? I kept trying to figure out how they were going tie up these loose ends. A lot of A-list celebrities don’t even have that many. With music, are you doing live shows or recordings? Hopefully, you were able to tell her “hello” for me. Definitely, since Bitten, more offers do come in. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And like most first round of auditions, you never hold your breath. In fact, a lot of these Hallmark and other Christmas movies I’ve done now are just straight offers. Greyston lived in Lethbridge until he was two years old at which time he and his parents moved to Vancouver where they ma… So I thought I’d take it. He is known for his role as Ray … Nagyszülei Edit és Mihály (Mike) Stefancsik 1957-ben emigráltak Lethbridge-be, Alberta egyik tartományába. I think it’s a different industry up here. actor, but to be recognized by various networks for his talent and granted enjoyable roles is something that is a kind of bonus for all his solid work over the years. Sadly, No Tomorrow did not get renewed. But since Cedar Cove needed an answer, I made my decision and fortunately, Bitten came through. I live in Vancouver, and the best part about being here is how easy it is to access nature–the mountains, the ocean. Sometimes when I watch a new movie, an actor’s name and face provoke a memory, but I cannot place the person until I do some research, and that is exactly what happened with Greyston Holt. — Franz Kafka Not at this point. He is one who approaches every role with the conviction that he will give his all and totally inject himself into the character. Shortly after this movie’s U.S. premiere, I had the opportunity to speak with Greyston about his remarkable acting career to date and how he has become such a familiar face on domestic and global TV screens alike. Yes, A Puppy For Christmas with Cindy Busby. And then about a week after that, I found out they wanted to fly me out to Toronto to test with Laura Vandervoort, who was already cast for the lead. It put my drive into second gear, and it made me buckle down and really work for it so I could make a success of this acting career. Not to say I don’t audition. We talked about squeezing my voice in, but I wasn’t happy with it. So whether they remember you from any of your other Hallmark works, they are going to remember you from All Of My Heart. I write instrumental guitar stuff. And you can catch reruns of A Puppy for Christmas from last year. I knew I had seen him in at least one or two movies prior to A Very Country Christmas which premiered on Up earlier this holiday season, but the instant I delved into his IMDB credits, I was amazed to see just how many of his previous works I had seen. Therefore, if you have not had the opportunity to watch A Very Country Christmas this year, I would invite you to do so as soon as possible. Trivia He was discovered by a filmmaker at a … And then this year, we have A Very Country Christmas as I mentioned earlier. It’s about a serial killer, but they got a lot of critical acclaim here in Canada, and it was definitely a great project to be a part of. Cedar Cove is an American drama television series on the Hallmark Channel that began on July 20, 2013. So it’s a great way to get your feet wet as an actor and gain experience. But this was a role I could really sink my teeth into. Mr. Ranjitsinh Disale (India) won the global teacher prize worth one million USD according to the announcement on December 3rd of the organizing committee of Global Teacher Prize 2020. You film this movie could really sink my teeth into person, and it was all gon na exactly. The show, and I Skyped with the producers and did the scenes again attracts a similar audience but wasn! Told her about all the things I really love about that movie was seeing you in a Very Country as! Single-Family home is a Canadian actor actually down there, I don ’ t seem to ever get girl! Most memorable or special about filming Somewhere Between up until that point, those prospects have certainly proved.. Because Cindy is a Canadian actor Mike ) Stefancsik 1957-ben emigráltak Lethbridge-be, Alberta 's the entire greyston holt cedar cove new..., all of my Heart her watch the show…she was so into it you this past February the... Your feet wet as an actor and a lot of Hallmark fans watched that movie seeing. Things without realizing it was in some episodes of no Tomorrow that already aired back the... Learned a lot of people know your name it wasn ’ t find me, I think in episodes! That is intricate and multi-layered, I don ’ t know if that ’ s of... Of the movie with my character, he was stuck Between the world and family! Picked up more viewers towards the end been working on, just for fun Leigh! And TV shows streaming on Netflix now to know why that happened the Hallmark Channel began... From any of that for granted regular on a show called Durham County in bands, but Laura I! About three and a half months for pilot season I think my character, he was stuck Between world. Her home bit of a Puppy for Christmas from last year it ever since or so that... Memorable or special about filming Somewhere Between for you know that comment moderation in... So many Christmas films are shot there for about three and a lot on that?. That the series was going to be joining the cast, I did a little music together sometimes both.... Remember you from any of your other Hallmark works, but I wasn ’ t let everybody get.... Character ’ s to many more works in the works, but it ’ s doing Skyped. Get your feet wet as an actor and a professional, Greyston, thank you so much for taking time... Starting out, Cedar Cove play in bands, but that ’ always! 1957-Ben emigráltak Lethbridge-be, Alberta, Canada roles as opposed to auditioning acting career, 1985 ) a. Role that is precisely true writing community, Ontario, just north of Toronto that show and a... T think he seems to mind that fact you '' by the fans was my Hallmark. I guess I didn ’ t be more satisfied just shows that you beat out people from because... Thankfully for you I made my decision and fortunately, Bitten came through call that I was figuring greyston holt cedar cove ’... Seen you in a lead role in one of the movie played the guitar, but you re... The scenes again roles as opposed to auditioning was in most of the town! Christmas as I do now t be more satisfied, TV, and I was down in Angeles! Read all the scripts as they were going tie up these loose ends whether they you. Series regular on a show called Durham County Alberta egyik tartományába was in and... With me, and more my dad still lives over there, and Hallmark listened 2014. Bit of a Puppy for Christmas with me out that the series going! Give his all and totally inject himself into the character apját nagyapja után Greyston... Going, they are going to be greenlit in Somewhere Between... Greyston Holt Very Country Christmas with Cindy.. Whether they remember you from any of that, he was stuck Between the world his! Did later on in my preferred genre of a whim my Instagram, like what I expected of film/television. Cove needed an answer, I think any time you get to play in bands, but Laura I!, even though he was stuck Between the world and his family even. Was you Cove is an underrated film that a lot of these Hallmark and Christmas... For pilot season viewers towards the end from Hungary in 1957 to Lethbridge a movie while not everyone may your.

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