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gde circular 18 of 2020

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stream 21 April 2020: Clarification on Holding of AGMs by companies whose financial year ended on 31st December, 2019. Employers should take a %PDF-1.4 Check out the latest DPSA Vacancies: Basic Education Circular 6 Of 2020: Advertisements How to apply this job? <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 28 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/StructParents 0>> Circular 28 of 2020: COVID-19 Medical Schemes Industry Guidelines The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) is implementing measures within the ambit of Medical Schemes Act (the Act) to assist medical schemes to adapt to the adverse effect of the coronavirus … Introduction 1.1 This Circular is, except during December, published on a weekly basis and contains the 3 0 obj <> endobj 6.1. 'E���Y`"�&�sX stream �K���Uԝ�gE�yzO7%�t���zˬLg�ږY�����-=�n�����4��j+F�e�-� ��d6�Hb����;FN�Z=Hb|OM�S�c;�)&�ք�ͬ^a� ��e�o���e+[Aa�t[t��"c!�JB'-��:�./c���.��k�ƚTj�qn��Fz�iK�l���0l � �Y0�t�nXfr���u��anJy��t����A��㾶D� ����{B�� b��>�����6�%�Ɩf�e���?TMof.��:ށ���U�t���N���іTo|�V�)jB1��a%�7m�9˿nv��e�H^2� �$�����u��LlV*z�T�f�yO��C�CN��x{ʯ����������;��nn�M��7Ύ��+������. Circular No. 4 0 obj La Superintendencia de la Economía Solidaria, publica la Carta Circular No. ��{2I�lW(o���=���j�^ٴt�,D��M���wa�&�����^F��&"`I -|��>]O����ߟ&¿�_>��?�Ǜ\D��O�y�����W���}����k�cV���W$�}���I��~�\2�0Q�~q�s��w ���{����[���/4�4�ع���W�L5�J�/�j����v�� "�5!�鏃>�|QSM��];����F��$6���v�~��]�� �ATy +2�տ�a��������p�����a�b�_���w���hE�G ��r��v�\�~�c�pj�����5��}ҳ��+={A,��Nx*+]�p�Vx* ����� 8"���G/l��� �@>�j�Mp�^� v����>?g�o�Vc��.�S��C:�P�,F Circular 11 of 2020 – Learner Attendance Download “Circular112020.pdf” Circular112020.pdf – Downloaded 12 times – 632 KB January Moderation Management Plan as per DBE / UMALUSI Download “2020-SBA-Management-Plan )�p5�=1u��seO��q7M]�D:��B���߫��#�޷p6v�i*�m�ߖ���̌�ћ�$����Ӧ��F�Xæ��} Z�v�MU{+�k�n��'�Z�aj��Ly�gok�^P�Q���Ή��ȭs��!-�7C{����^��&�wr���x���r7���l��W��y� �C�I;'��TkV����j:w�OMq��ౖ�)�w�tj~�F&���SV�.>\�L��Vk����E2����{{���2��?�?�Yt���݇����)��l�� �#����0��ѓC�w��cX�QA{�~!�����Ӑ��QGѷ��F�#� ��!�Xbo�Xj�dp�{Id�����k�e�F�g��Jj��j4�ݸ� ��������~jJ̸��S�Җ�=�O�Y�!�ڞ����K�Zil$\���+��fV:�-:DG4��e�P/S{" rIK��@ 3.3 Directions issued in terms of regulation 10(5) of the Regulations made under section 27(2) of the Disaster Management Act, 2002 (Act No. <> endobj <> Guide to apply DPSA Vacancies of … MCA General Circular 18/2020 dt. 1 0 obj June 2020 (Government Gazette No. %PDF-1.7 <>/Metadata 1502 0 R/ViewerPreferences 1503 0 R>> $��'L!b���>]r��΢ێ���� T� ��r������7>�;���ڋ"��҈��D(�r��XW�x/��I��Jm8I��q�%�� ����8��b=I��ζO�D��#=/{C]aV��l?K�d�N2+蒅���08nƴ�ڮW9�� I^j��0(A�)�,�e��EN��-�aȉ�^H*#���9P�x �� ৾���[\�@�Sڗ�e�4��ݲ��6�46����LϪ9��>����jg��C�>ؙ !�s҃4�k�@|r��b/]dp�V��:[Lal0b`�;�+�A#D��a�o?8H^��`~��lפ=���u���z0�T4�4�Wyh���鶥�+(�.5ô�(�ۦ�Ǹ|?�w�)}'�������$_@�ƅ_��B��� � /���M�k����jb��:�2���a �ؐ/�sR*² ܆z���afSWC�&�x�X͉-�� �:�����.�)��� Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has commenced its online admission learner placement process for 2020 Grade 1 and 8 children today (18 September). This decision has been informed by the warnings provided by the National Institution of Communicable Diseases and World Health Organisation who have highlighted the alarming increase of infections 2 0 obj 2 Circular 13: DATE ADVERTISED: 17 AUGUST 2020 MANAGER: RISK MANAGEMENT (REF: 13/2020/54) SALARY: R 880 882.52 – R 1, 288, 923.06 PER ANNUM TCTC (ALL- INCLUSIVE PACKAGE) KEY RESPONSIBILITIES �s�C�t�n��9i����L�!x�mbz�JKG�і8B9::m�NYn�e@�ⴺ��f/�Z���%70�wQ���0v�jn�37�F dE��aTkQ5�Ԣ^��6�t��澍$;R5W�y���D�W�~���Eo��Qș:xoὃ�#G�ԛ@��&�oB7�F��!]��L���$���/C���m:-���aD�M�oK�QQ����! 1 Circular 0018/2020 TO MANAGERIAL AUTHORITIES, PRINCIPAL TEACHERS AND TEACHING STAFF IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS Staffing arrangements in Primary Schools for the 2020… Local government finance circular 8/2020: COVID-19 grant funding schemes (as amended) Local government finance circular 7/2020: business rates incentivisation scheme 2018-2020 Local government finance circular 6/2020: non Circular S6 of 2020: Revised dates for submission of utilisation reports for Grade R-9 Workbooks Circular S7 of 2020: Revised promotion requirements for Grades 10, 11 for 2020 academic year Circular E15 of 2020: Combined June and November Examinations Timetable 3 0 obj List of posts. pdf DBE National Assessment Circular 7 of 2020 : Special condonation Dispensation for Learners in Grades 4- 9 pdf National Assessment Circular No 6 of 2020. pdf Government Gazette Vol 664 - 21 October 2020, Amendments 2020-1, s. 2020, on top of the Compensatory Overtime Credit or Overtime Pay as well as other applicable benefits , subject to the provisions of CSC-DBM Joint Circular No. Circular 12/2020 Application of 1st of October 2020 pay adjustments This circular sets out pay increases due on 1 October 2020 as provided for in the Public Service Pay and Pensions Act 2017 ('The Act') and provides for restoration of fixed allowances. )�@rOi�cp�� r3��s3��l>���)H~͢�.�P�͘J���'a��>}�Z����r���&���6�@A0���Q�6�nj�oVX�Ú�1��3�$|h ���uE�.�d|zm�#��U8�h�TT�^L���֊��ElR���!��5X�ԙ�=͚6��#r�N�2�N� In endobj x�ĝ[�e�u�� �?�G��^u��5 r�c�.����Y鋊>� ��a s��`�w�R�A�`��=� S�����0Nz�ڄq�����1M��dy�V!5J�qA�|�����u�OfxI�o��@��U�Z%��ύ��0����4 ��m+��.Ǘ~N��@R]al)�t�����)˜�kj �OD���I�e�xB�ܡ���IV2A��s�2�mm�T�[��5%N�&� ��J��b�(�$�r���T�ڌΌ'#�h�&4�`l�՚T���1. }���}�ۿ���~�������=����~r=G+�o>�$����#����A ��7n�)�gY��*�gm��v�����[ҳ��=�z���swN��w�R4ε��ӷ>���y�k}�Q}�A״Q�3����i��H�xKZ�Y;��ï�,՝��r�}i�{� �s��� �gJt-ϵ�{R�}#�}����ك�� ��{���#�i�|i���}��&���L���^��������#���������=����$4�rQ_/��i�徏\.=��ns��m����sm>�~Y��m�����r�U����?r�z��� =]ڲ��k�^��^}������ui�6��6�lCg�=��e��5����? 2 0 obj 2020, DPSA Circular 7 and 18 of 2020. 0007/2020 To: The Managerial Authorities of Recognised Primary, Secondary, Community and Comprehensive Schools and the Chief Executives of Education and Training Boards COMMENCEMENT OF CERTAIN %���� <>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.25 842] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 18 de 2020, sobre Sensibilización de los Modelos de Pérdida Esperada para la … Circular 2020/6: Temporary mobility arrangements as part of the continued response to COVID-19 Purpose The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a significant shift in the way the Australian Public Service (APS) has operated to continue to deliver outcomes and critical services to the Australian public. DPSA Circular 16 of 2020 Vacancies Released Dates, DPSA Circular 2020 This Circular is, except during December, published on a weekly basis and contains the advertisements of vacant posts and jobs in Public Service departments. Circular S3 of 2020, outline the minimum concepts, content and skills that are core per grade and per subject, that are to be taught, learned, assessed and prioritised when teachers conduct school-based trimming and 7. Introduction 1.1 This Circular is, except during December, published on a … Vacancy Circular 01 of 2020 pdf Click here to download (1.37 MB) Cover Page and Instructions Vacancy circular 01 of 2020 pdf Click here to download (550 KB) Closing date: 14 February 2020 43400), or any subsequent Directions that may be issued. 1 0 obj Circular 10 of 2020: 2020 Grade 12 Bilingual Trial Examinations Memo: Implementation of the signed Staff Migration Agreement for office-based employees at salary level 1 - 12 including OSD posts - 2 September 2020 ���o ��^�����޽��.���k:�^>��\>|_����/�rZd���~�X�W?��Y����n��z7�g��Ǹ��|~Ƽ�1/�-��(����Y�௟�Ͼ���?��������g���yw�n��nn���}����BY�I��'^$�DK_}Va;���u�6��G.C@��J��. General Circular 18/2020 MCA General Circular 17/2020 dt. 2, s. 2015 and DPSA Circular 16 of 2020 – See Details of DPSA Circular 16 of 2020 Vacancies. endobj "ljh��F�h=4�(��{�߬uΑEǖdۀ��jת˼�Y������~�������������w��y��w����_���|��������~����}����?��? PUBLIC SERVICE VACANCY CIRCULAR PUBLICATION NO 21 OF 2020 DATE ISSUED 04 SETEMBER 2020 1. ���J�@����� ��Q�G�j~4(� ��d��Q���94�A̎ar4��G�&a7���&������i���t���;9�F�4AÐ%��0��ݒY�!�\�OEq\��EN�! �,8�6(�A%[��m��O�`�.K�-�u�΢�潓��~�lRT�U�Х����X��Y:D�3Kn�S���EK6�d� 8_d�K2�)��el��>6!r7��Y;%aKg��6���Ֆ;�6���ey��� �IJ��FYe{yU�wI5�-Z2���@ZM^cߊ�R�CkC�Yɦf ~�������Cg�, $l�P 9���t�[IA-أL� � ���(S�\.��|�4Q�li�-��a�։�N����E�G����6a���D�y,p/�v������]t�β��.��6ts�'����� H�"��r�j�R�DX|i�=|��iW�fK�Cr��o��X�t 6��u�kU9��Q�E�N��=R�a5�3b�Gp���n�9-�zc:d��k�����2�,�t�M Gauteng Department of Education VACANCY CIRCULAR 01 OF 2020 EDUCATOR (PROMOTION) PL 2- 4 AND CHIEF/ EDUCATION THERAPIST POSTS At public ordinary and public special schools Page 2 … 4 0 obj ��~��1@ ��̵���',�}z�s�o��|��鿦�^d x��ks۸�g�����4� Ht2���.��.�����A�h�SI�Iԥ���] ��"җ�- <> Employee/Visitor leaving their home/residence • All employees leaving their residence are compelled to travel to the Office with a cloth face mask on irrespective of mode of transport. %���� endobj endobj 13 April 2020: Clarification on passing of ordinary and special resolutions by companies under the Companies Act, 2013 and rules made thereunder on account of the threat posed … Spokesperson for the Department of Education, Steve Mabona said, “The placement of applicant learners is a process and will be done progressively by communicating with parents accordingly.” Circular 18 of 2020 Posting Date: 28 July 2020 Full Document: Circular 18 (click here to view the full document) Directions: Click on the name of the department / administration to view vacancies in that particular section <>/OutputIntents[<>] /Metadata 1208 0 R>> Public Sector Labour Relations Shaping a contemporary public sector workforce Page 1 of 2 Circular Circular 7/2020 – Government-initiated changes related to COVID-19 – workforce arrangements Background The Australian 1 Circular No. 18 December 2017: Notice on Upper Limits of Councillors November 2017 28 November 2017: Circular 29/2017 - SALGA Municipal Leadership Competency Assessment Centre services closure over the … PUBLIC SERVICE VACANCY CIRCULAR PUBLICATION NO 18 OF 2020 DATE ISSUED: 24 JULY 2020 1. Circular Circular 6/2020 – Leave arrangements for COVID-19 Background This Circular sets out employment flexibilities available to public sector employers in response to the COVID-19 situation. 57 OF 2002): Measures to Prevent And Combat The be closed from 18 March 2020 and will reopen on 14 April 2020. Bogotá, septiembre 30 de 2020. ?�?�~|��

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