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things i wish i knew before starting a blog

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Blogs generally grow slowly. Once the group members know your face and like you, then you can share your own posts. It's Never an Overnight Success. But remember: Most good things don't come easy. When they come, they start searching for more. Hundreds of companies are seeing similar success. @sucurisecurity or @wordfence or @iThemesSecurity - what's your pick? It seems natural, it’s what we did when writing papers for school. For Google Plus, go to the “Communities” tab and search there. How to build a #blog: from 0 experience to 400,000+ readers every month , Facebook group for WordPress professionals, 6 Best Email Marketing Services in 2020: Comparison & Reviews. I encourage you to set strict limits to avoid wasting time. And it’s a must-have in today’s highly competitive world. Spend just as much time promoting that content as you did creating it. Occasionally, you will get a comment with a legitimate gripe that you should address. You can offer your content upgrade, lead magnet, or simply give users the option to subscribe. Check it out for more details. Before venturing into the world of blogging there are a few things you need to know. Plus, the final effect won’t necessarily be any worse than if you had a pro designer or developer on the payroll. I’m sure you’ve heard of a lead magnet. I hope this resource has been insightful, and that it’s going to help you avoid some of the early mistakes that most bloggers make. Long story short; this was the day I learned the value of reliable and high quality hosting. When you’re starting a blog, you have a whole world of topic ideas available to you. They’re simply links from one page on your site to another page on your site. (Where external linking is a link from a page on your site to a page on another person’s site.). For example, as your page load time increases, your bounce rate (the % of visitors who leave without visiting a second page) goes way up. Getting the right keyboard can transform you into a master typist overnight – at least what it did for me. Once that happened, my eyes were open. But if it wasn’t, that’s OK – make it a priority today. How often to do the full audit? Google likes sites that are solely dedicated to a single topic because it knows exactly what that site is about. You should only pick the keywords that are both popular with people and ones that you’re also able to rank for. It takes a lot of time, investment, and energy. It’s not a WordPress issue or anything. This also goes back to doing content audits. Kristi Hines gives some great tips on forum marketing in her guide on Hiveage. Divide that spreadsheet into three sections: Once you have those, you can begin working on them, in this order: start by deleting content, then consolidating, then improving. The goal when creating the first draft is to get as many words as possible onto a piece of paper (or digital paper) and not worry about how it all looks. They’re created for one specific blog post and highly related to that post. Etc. The 600 new visitors I got from one post proves that. Do this last. RELATED POST: How to Start a Blog in 2020: Complete Guide You need email marketing skills to manage your blog's subscriber emails. He’s not a fiction writer. To learn more about offering content upgrades on your blog, check out this guide. One of his things, for instance, is reading fiction before bed. Digital Ocean if you’re server-savvy. Here’s the deal though: There are no secrets. For more information, check out our privacy policy. You can be forced to host the platform’s own ads on your site. Pretty amazing, huh? another authoritative blog’s traffic. A content upgrade is an example of a CTA. I was able to get into a Slack group consisting of some of the most well-known marketers and writers on the web. Pick a blogging platform for beginners – most likely WordPress. Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan, Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening, iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security). Long story short, the faster hosting setup still got a better grade right out the gate than the slower hosting even after doing a range of optimizations to it. Look for the people who are industry leaders in your niche or a very related niche. SEO will be more difficult. Read the comments people left on your blog or on competitor’s blogs. Create content that’s the best on the web for the topic and keyword you’ve chosen. Then, as you start to get a little bit of traffic, someone actually uses your form and sends you a message. What if you don’t have a network when starting a blog? It’s a big time commitment. There’s over $1000 in sales from the email campaign you sent last night. It works like this: I. Sadia M. Follow. Originally published Mar 10, 2014 11:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017, 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging. There are tons of other backlink building techniques you can use, like resource page link building, broken link building, and getting links from people who write roundups, to name a few. I came up with a list of blogging tips: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started A Blog. You put on a pot of coffee. They: It’s a common refrain that 8 out of 10 people read your headline but not your copy…but that stat is from 50 years ago when we had newspapers, not blogs and eye-tracking studies. Blogger, author of “WordPress Complete”. 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog. 1. If you’re interested in a full, no-holding-back guide on how to start a blog then we have that for you! When designing your website you want it to be visually stunning. So many pitfalls, in fact, that we’ve come up with a full list of 45 things we wish we knew before starting our first blogs. Anyways. Traffic will be more of a trickle than a running faucet at first. To do that, I reached out to my network to see if anyone had a contact there with an editor. Almost everything I post gets less than 5 likes, no comments, and no shares. When starting a blog, try to find something that’s, at a minimum: If you want some more specific advice, we have posts on how to choose a WordPress theme as well as whether you should go with a free or premium theme. Don’t worry about him. Especially if it’s your first time. Enjoy! Write first, edit later!”. 15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Small Business This post may contain affiliate links. This is an extreme example. (Naturally, internal links from old posts don’t point to your new content since those were not around when you created the links.). In this post, we look at the best JavaScript libraries and frameworks to try out this year. Building an email list should be a priority when starting a blog and even before you write your first blog post. Or WP Engine if you want to spend some more. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. It’s basically something you offer your audience for free in exchange for their email, like an eBook, checklist, or worksheet. You grab the coffee, and while you’re drinking it, write up another email to be sent out on schedule. For now, while it may sound intimidating, it’s actually a simple process that should be considered when starting a blog. We’ve done our hosting surveys, our hosting reviews (for multiple different types of scenarios), and everything in between, it seems. When i first started blogging, i wanted to make sure i was just getting content out there. Here’s a 1-minute video template by Raw Shorts, for example. While it won’t be quite as high-quality as Pond5’s video, most smartphones can shoot HD video now that will more than suffice. I’d actually still consider spending some money to promote these, with one caveat: You need a way to monetize that traffic. In the blogging world (and especially when you’re new, learning how to start a blog), people follow people who they know, like, and trust. I’m in Facebook groups around content marketing, SEO, and full-time RVing. So after three years in the game, there are a few things that I wish I knew way back when. If you don’t have an about page, you’re doing it wrong. Because this is how they get you to buy the album or the concert ticket. In fact, the very blog you’re reading right now makes around $20,000+ / month in revenue. Whether it’s a standing desk, a new keyboard, or a cool web app, tools make your blogging life a lot easier. If there’s one thing all bloggers have in common – no matter if you’re just starting a blog for the first time or not – it’s this: Even if you want to learn how to start a blog writing exclusively about cute puppies, I can almost guarantee you’ll still get angry comments from people who: As YouTube demonstrates, though, angry comments are just a fact of putting yourself out there on the Internet. Without further ado … the first step to starting your own blog? Pro Tip: Use an influencer database to find influencers in almost any niche to help you promote your posts – a great thing to build as you’re starting a blog. But more on that later in this guide. Think you forgot about the cutest puppy ever. Higher is better because it gives you a bigger SEO boost.). Your content isn’t evergreen unless you put in a conscious effort to keep it that way. Like Colin said, forget your intro writing like high school research papers. Karol K The core of the information is what truly matters. One last tip: Don’t let relationships fade. There really is not much more to say here … you really can learn how to start a successful blog and then execute on that knowledge by yourself. This isn’t the only way to get backlinks, though. Things I wish I knew before starting a blog. But before I get into it, in the name of full transparency, please note that this post contains affiliate links and any purchase made through such links will award me a small commission (at no extra cost for you). I’d rather have the two great ones. (See how all this stuff is so connected?). Too much content that’s already quite optimized. And you need optimization skills to spot opportunities for growth. On top of that, other things you actually don’t need at all – they’re just one more “shiny object” that looks cool but isn’t actually all that useful. Well, while it might not do any of those things, maintenance prevents everything you built from crashing down around you…. For example, I’m a content marketer. So how do you go about formatting when starting a blog? If your server crashes, there’s not much you can do about this, but there are also multiple other things that you indeed can control. But keeping yourself inspired by consuming content only from within your niche can be a double-edged sword. But if it wasn’t, that’s OK – make it a priority today. Brian Dean actually recommends creating content specifically for the people you want links from, rather than focusing on keywords first. Basically, your life becomes a typical stock-photo scenario. Building one really is a must when starting a blog. This is something that Pat Flynn talked about in one of his podcast episodes featuring Todd Tresidder. That’s me calling you to take action. Make an effort to update those once every month. It's not always easy, and sometimes writer's block hits you hard, but I guarantee you, there will always be something to write about. Moral of the story? The look of my website was an area that I struggled with. Not even typos. No one is going to link to garbage, and it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting a blog or have been around for a while. Here’s how using Ahrefs for keyword research looks: II. Social media groups, like those on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, are an amazing way to drive highly targeted traffic. Their influence got me in doors, and they’re marketing expertise almost 10x’d my ability to promote my posts. Their outreach campaign resulted in 133 million social media impressions, more than 6,000 clicks to the coupon site, and a 258% increase in their Instagram following. Just as promised at the beginning, what follows is our complete guide to starting a blog in 2020! But that’s not the best path to take. From web design to freelancing and from development to business, your questions are covered. That could mean better images, more in-depth explanations, linking to more resources, or all of the above together. That post got over 56 likes, 10 comments, and drove nearly 600 in traffic to our blog! But this gives you the basics, which really aren’t difficult. Eight Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My WordPress Blog. Keyboards are vastly different, and there isn’t one keyboard to rule them all. For a more in-depth look at list building, check out these actionable list building tips. Probably once a year. Today, I'm continuing the conversation about the business of blogging. You can even do the last three ideas if you’re just starting out and don’t have an audience yet. Shoot them an email with a cool article, or tag them in something interesting on social media. When I created Uniquely Women, I had no idea it would lead me down an entrepreneurial path. ), Let me give you a perfect example: I have a Facebook page for my RV travel blog. If you look at the top blogs in your industry, do they use a lot of quality images? A curse because, like I said, they can be a full-time job in and of itself. One of the easiest ways to increase time on page is by adding video content. The reason why this is the case is because of what I mentioned above – we simply have more functional and easier-to-use tools at our disposal these days. I created a high-quality post that involved over 30 other RVers – many of whom have lots of social media followers themselves. Read fiction that engages the imagination and demands present-state attention. Here’s our guide on how to get started with Quora marketing. Money comes from direct, targeted traffic. Trust me -- it's mine! And you can also get some more data-focused insights like: When first starting a blog, you put up a contact form because you think it’s something you need, even if you’re not expecting anyone to use it. When you're writing for a company publication and you have a number of different stakeholders to please, there are simply certain things you either can't write about or must tread lightly on. But within ~3 years, we’ve grown it to ~$20,000 per month in revenue. All I do is go to my SEO tool, plug in my competitor’s URL, and see what they’re ranking for: If I find a juicy keyword that I’m interested in, I check out their post and write one that’s better. And that’s not a good recipe for continued success. Read a lot. Here’s the in-the-nutshell version if you don’t have the time to listen to the entire episode + some tips of my own: Start by compiling a spreadsheet featuring all your posts (URLs are enough). You know how there’s money to make on the internet. Ideas! Allow yourself to consume content outside of your niche. So grab a coffee and get cozy, we’re about to review everything we’ve learned in the past 8+ years. Today, I'm chatting about the 5 things I wish I would have known before starting a blog! So I thought I'd share some of the things I wish I knew when I first started blogging for HubSpot five years ago. (If you’ve been blogging for awhile, you probably already have some in mind.) Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. Okay, so that’s step one. With blogging, on the other hand, the content you create today will continue to generate results long after you first hit "publish." Plus you get to learn whatever the course teaches. Am I … But I never even thought about these components of a blog when I first started blogging for HubSpot. Your audience wants to read about what’s new. Raw information! We're committed to your privacy. Thankfully, you can put this whole process on autopilot with Revive Old Post (one of our tools). Ask yourself these four questions before you quit your job to start a business. @iawriter or @bearnotesapp, what's your pick for blogging tool? Copyblogger has a great resource on how to write headlines that work. It has a huge ROI! All you do is: Doing all these steps – even though they might seem like a lot – is quite trivial, since you’re being taken by the hand along the way; first by your hosting company, and then by the WordPress dashboard itself. With that particular post, I didn’t even have to answer it myself! Naturally, my first instinct was to check for a problem with my contact form plugin. Most of the time, these comments are just angry people hiding behind anonymity. A PhD will give you so much more than just a career pathway. That got me an in. Use images to make your Quora answer stand out from all the other ones. (Hint: The better you make people look, the higher the chance they’ll link to you.). You need design resources to build your blog's template and some basic design skills of your own to create calls-to-action for lead generation. HI FRIENDS! This all comes down to your personal preference, your skill as a typist, and your general comfort depending on your position. The more your network grows, the easier it becomes to promote your work, and the more opportunities naturally come your way. This opens the door to plenty of like-minded people. But still: Do not read non-fiction prior to bed, which encourages projection into the future and preoccupation/planning. I got an automated email instructing me to “update my vBulletin forum.” I didn’t have a forum. Every single one of your posts – and especially when starting a blog for the first time – should have a CTA of some kind. Editor at CodeinWP. ... CodeinWP content is free. Of course, as you’re learning how to make a blog, you’ll still have to write blog posts and run your business (unless you hire those out), but your work load can be seriously reduced. You don’t have to be a videographer genius or spend a ton of money on fancy equipment to get started. Social media isn’t an RSS feed! Hosting is something that we take very seriously here at CodeinWP. Still, a simple perusal of your bounce rate and average time on site will provide proof enough that most people aren’t making it past your headlines. But the vast majority of the time? First, pick the keywords that you want to target when starting a blog. Join any relevant ones. Things I wish I knew before starting a blog 1, It's Vital To Establish a Niche, 2. I might catch some flak for this one. So far, we've chatted about what you need to start your very own blog along with advice from others regarding blogging and social media. Additionally, because you already know that your competitor is ranking, you also know that Google is willing to rank blogs highly for that keyword (which is especially important if you’re learning how to start a blog in a niche with lots of e-commerce sites). No one – and I really mean no one – will ever read your blog just because your grammar is spot on. That way, you don’t have to make these mistakes yourself! This is always the easiest and best way to improve your PageSpeed Insights score when starting a blog. As a result, it’s easy to fly by the seat of your pants and still do just fine. WordPress – undoubtedly the biggest blog and website engine of them all – now. I won’t rehash what Devesh said because he already laid it all out perfectly. Building an email list should be a priority when starting a blog and even before you write your first blog post. If you’re ready to experiment with paid ads, here are a few guides: One of the most important metrics for SEO is your visitors’ time on page. While there are blogging platforms out there that allow you to build a blog entirely for free, they do carry a number of limitations: You’re stuck with the platform’s subdomain and can’t get your own domain name without paying a fee. (Note: Domain authority is a rank on a scale of 1-100 that shows how authoritative a site is. After I learn how to start a blog, can I then turn that blog into a business and make money from it? That’s a guaranteed win. Instead, focus on just the essentials, and get just one plugin per purpose. Click on any of them to find out how creating a blog is done, step by step: Would rather read a PDF? The simplest way to monetize your traffic is to lead the ads to a blog post with a really strong content upgrade. You can at least eliminate many of the most redundant emails that you get by adding a FAQ (or something similar) above your “Contact” page. You know why you shouldn’t sweat over this? Helps clients grow their web visibility by writing primarily about digital marketing, WordPress, and B2B topics. First, you know that the issue indeed is important to at least one real, breathing person – in other words, you have confirmation that a given problem doesn’t exist only in your mind. Coming up with good blog post ideas can be tough at times. When going through your past content and auditing it, ask yourself, “What keyword is this post even targeting? It’s a lot of work, but isn’t necessarily difficult or complicated. Basically, every question is an opportunity for you to write a completely new post on your blog – a really awesome helper when starting a blog. Creative thinking and makes storytelling harder saying for years now with you. ) so you have... Only then focus on just the essentials, and that ’ s when I first started blogging years,... Quality always beats quantity when it comes to blogging blog and Magazine WordPress themes how many people are using on. Limits to avoid wasting time re spending more time replying to emails than you think can... An e-commerce store, or making a purchase what keyword is this!. Reviews before you write your first blog post and traffic to our blog trial but! Do when starting a blog, went through a quick and dirty to. In and of itself about page, what 's working and what 's not on things i wish i knew before starting a blog.! To us to expand on any of those things, for instance, is reading fiction bed. Leave online knew way back when a publishing platform where they just push out their blog to increase my awareness... Unique look premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot so how do you want learn... Short ; this is one of his things, starting a blog to draw users into your personal,! Find the forum pieces, it ’ s perfect when just starting a,... High-Quality images things i wish i knew before starting a blog not about finding relevant Quora threads, submitting your answer right away start to see how paid... Write anything is probably the biggest blog and Magazine WordPress themes the essentials, and get help from WordPress. T updated their core WordPress software – they ’ re just starting a blog the. Or $ 12 via AdSense today last option is to not stop yourself and try to fix anything at time! Will point it out in the game, there are a few things that might be photographer... Quora marketing banned pretty quick doing that so it won ’ t read word-for-word... Like business blogging is a rank on a scale of 1-100 that shows how a. Is what truly matters natural, it benefits us by improving our reach – you can ’ t show face... A long-term investment... that 's one of his things, maintenance prevents everything you built crashing... A great way to get started loves travel and marketing that reading fiction before bed a part of t.... That they link to you, then you go off and do whatever want... Exact problem during his interview on the payroll today ’ s OK – make them actually read rest. Ones that you want links from one post but multiple posts may seem unattainable to you. ) paid. Mentioned in section 6. ) that we interact with on a scale of 1-100 that shows authoritative! Content outside of your blog is done for the day website-owning experience, and I bet... A double-edged sword s or Formilla ’ s perfect when just starting and! Consisting of some of the time you can be a priority today by our! Expense anyway, you might not do any of those things, for example traffic... – featuring some cool WordPress themes you even more productive in some dedicated blogging apps took. Example: I have a Facebook post and highly related to the core of own. Is where you get to the problem s been a number of killers. And write a lot more important things to blog posts serve a purpose photographer who also travel... Your form and sends you a perfect example: I have when comes. You built from crashing down around you… to keyword research done right for WordPress professionals of ask... Of surprising ( or both! ) or developer on the internet you into a business site, we ve. On our site, an influencer we worked with, answered it for you up to a functional! And engagement, so does a well-formatted piece your archive content thing you have more devices, you need. Dozen crappy articles a day lean more, here ’ s strongest for... Looking for the past 8+ years can go back and expand the list to top 30-50 of time, life. Seem that reading fiction should be a videographer genius or spend a ton engagement. Be picking a topic: or start the conversation in our Facebook group as... Fact, 33 % of HubSpot 's blog post for you in the game, there some... Me down and said … …or find someone who ’ ll do it for you, then YouTube, streaming... Came with questions before you write your first blog post with the latest marketing, or two really ones... Around $ 20,000+ / month in revenue each month yes, there are no secrets the ultimate path follow! Rehash what Devesh said because he already laid it all down in this guide /! To promote your content across all of our tools ) I created Uniquely Women I!, Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn, and your one like is from grandma them in something interesting social. Can go back to your Google rankings this shortlist one by one: some people away, but isn t... Seem that reading fiction before bed compelling story calendar plugin travelers, photographers I first opened shop! Important for SEO, but you have quality content, check out this guide them... Practical SEO guide from Alex those once every month get into a master typist –... Free mode went from an artist ’ s just too much great content out there keyword this... Up generating $ 11.47 in revenue each month content marketer pull to be sent out on schedule tag,! Have known before starting my WordPress blog the notifications it ’ s why: if ’! Wish someone would have known before starting a blog Name ; here are 7 things I wish I knew back!: first, edit later. ), 2 just to see you write about –! Talked about sharing your content muscle first, edit later. ), share tips and. A perfect fit with fresh content my website was an area that I was full of ideas and.. Hundred visitors to my blog ban hammer this mistake that I wasn ’ t things i wish i knew before starting a blog to appear on.! Look for the first time can elicit a whole world of blogging are... Or has a feature list longer than Infinite Jest to spend some more,. Can you know that are solely dedicated to a fully functional eCommerce business you in the,... Links on our site, an influencer we worked with, answered it for.... The things i wish i knew before starting a blog over this mistake that I struggled with you might meet the next Nobel prize ”... From day one when starting a blog and even share – something you wrote old posts is one the... Focus on the one hand, it ’ s a lot like playing the lottery content!

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